November: A month of national festivities in Panama

In November, Panama celebrates a month of national festivities. Throughout November, all around the country the flag and patriotic symbols are displayed. There are  three days of great historical importance for Panama in November. The days of national celebration are the 3rd, 10th and 28th of November.

The celebrations these days are due to the separation of Panama from Colombia, the "cry" of independence and the independence from Spain, respectively. Wearing the colors of the flag, Panama celebrates these festivities with several events and parades throughout the country.

The historic dates are the following:
- November 3:
Panama was founded as a Republic after its separation from Colombia on 03 November 1903. Actually, Panamanians call this day the day of "separation" instead of Independence Day.
- November 10:
This date marks the "cry of independence" which meant the independence of Panama as a Republic, in the town of "La Villa de Los Santos".
- November 28:
Panama, as part of Colombia, got its independence from Spain on November 28 1821. This festival is also celebrated as Independence Day.
On November 3, Panama dresses in red, blue and white and celebrates with parades in the most important avenues of the city. This year's celebration will be on Calle 50 and the Cinta Costera. Most schools throughout the country will display their musical bands through these streets as thousands of proud Panamanians applaud their merits. It's a great and unforgettable experience for everyone, both local and foreign.