A Variety of Proudly Panamanian Celebrations

There are a range of festivals and fairs that proudly highlight the Panamanian customs and traditions that have prevailed for generations, and visitors can observe these year-round in different regions of the country.

Dances, costumes, and theatrical representations are all a part of the festivities. Visitors can relish the traditional cuisine in attractively displayed dishes that have been zealously prepared by the townsfolk in honor of their cultural patrimony.

Visitors will enjoy the splendor and lavishness of every fair or festival.

Locals warmly welcome visitors and encourage them to engage in the numerous appealing activities, making them feel like a part of the celebration along with the nationals.

Among the most prominent traditional dances that you can enjoy and appreciate during these grand and representative celebrations in the country are:

Gran Diablo(Lead Devil) is the struggle between good and evil, acted out by locals representing St. Michael the Archangel and the Devil.

Danzas de Alegría(Dances of Joy) include El Torito Guapo (Brave Bull), Dirty Devils, Mirror Devils, and Cucuas, warriors dressed in tree bark with animal masks.

In the Azuero region, specifically in the province of Los Santos,one noteworthy dance is Montezuma's Dance.

At the other end of the country, the province of Colón is represented by the famous Congo dance, an African-colonial dance that is slightly erotic and uses theatrical miming to depict what they experienced during the era of slavery. In addition, the Congo is the oldest drum dance on the Isthmus of Panama.

The country's traditional dances are recognized internationally for the outstanding performances by Panamanian dance troupes that proudly execute such dances as El Tamborito, La Cumbia, El Bullerengue, El Atravesao, and El Punto, the latter a supremelydelicate dance between a woman in a luxuriouspollera dress and the man in his traditional white shirt, black pants, and elegant shoes.

All of the fairs and festivals are precisely organized by experts who select how to best highlight the traditions of the towns that graciously open their doors to visitors. Many of these fairs and festivals are tributes to traditional or religious aspects of the particular province, and they are held throughout the year.

Panama invites you to see them for yourself and join in on the festivities, which undoubtedly will be a memorable part of your trip.

Enjoy the colorful, folkloric, and water-doused Carnival, the patron saint festivals, and globally recognized fairs like the International Fair of La Chorrera or the International Fair of David. The Parade of a Thousand Polleras, the Painted Hat Fair, the Orange Fair, or the Flower and Coffee Fair in Boquete are exhibits of the fruits of Panama's skillful artisans and farmers, whose hard work is a tremendous economic investment for the country.