Foreign exchange earnings climbed 9.8% in 2013 due to visitor flow

Foreign exchange earnings registered in the period of January to September 2013 were $1,836.7 million (excluding international transport), which amounts to $163.6 million more than the $1673.1 million recorded in 2012 and represents a 9.8% increase.

According to the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), a total of 1,590,064 visitors arrived from January to September 2013, a 3.9% increase over the year 2012, or 59,490 additional visitors.

Tocumen International Airport, the main port of entry, reported a 1.2% rise in passenger traffic compared to 2012.

The airport received 1,128,749 visitors in the period from January to September 2013, whereas in 2012 it had received 1,115,647 visitors.

Similarly, there was a 2.9% increase at the Paso Canoas border, 10.6% increase at the cruise ports, and an additional 26.8% increase at other ports.

From January to September 2013, 124,794 visitors crossed the Paso Canoa border, while in 2012 there were 121,310 visitors.

The number of visitors is expected to increase in the coming years.

According to the ATP, the new airports in Río Hato, Colón, and David will facilitate tourist arrivals and further investment.

For example, beach resorts together have approximately 2,500 rooms, but this figure should rise to 4,000 rooms in the next two years, given the interest of chains like Riu and Marriott, reports the Tourism Authority.