“Metro City” Carnival

By resolution number 5 of the Cabinet on January 7, 2014, the Panama Tourism Authority has the pleasure of announcing the candidates for the Queen of the 2014 Metrocity Carnival.

This year the selection ceremony will be held at 8 pm on Tuesday, February 4 in the Anayansi Theater of the ATLAPA Convention Center. Fourteen girls have sent in their photographs and application materials in hopes of claiming this coveted title.

The call for candidates was made through various beauty organizations and modeling agencies. Further information on the Metrocity Carnival will be announced at a press conference on Thursday, January 30, 2014 in the Huaca Theater at the ATLAPA Convention Center.

2014 Metrocity Carnival Queen Candidates

  • María de Lourdes Icaza                
  • Natasha Rodríguez                        
  • Jamie Castro                                  
  • María De Lourdes Gallimore       
  • Ana Gabriela Cárdenas               
  • Whitney Parker                             
  • Darisnela Domínguez                    
  • Iris Altamiranda                            
  • Gabriela Mera                                 
  • Karol Salinas                                   
  • Ninoshka Garceran                        
  • Eneida Gonzalez                             
  • Jennifer Gleichman                        
  • Ana Lorena Cortes