Panama wins Guinness Record with over 5,000 children painting

Panama won its first Guinness World Record by bringing together 5,084 people, from children to adolescents, to paint a 7,000 square meter representation of the Panama Canal locks.

Panamanian artist Olga Sinclair and her foundation led the activity, which was held as part of the centenary celebration of Panama Canal operations, as the anniversary will be on August 15th.

The event took place at Paseo El Prado, located in front of the Panama Canal Administration Building, and was a component of Olga Sinclair Foundation's workshop called "Let's Paint the 100 years of the Panama Canal". The turnout topped the standing Guinness Record of 3,860 people held by Saudi Arabia.

The mural was divided into 25 panels, which were later united under the supervisory eye of the World's Guinness Records jury.

"For Panama this means more than beating out Saudi Arabia; it represents the full-out celebration of the Panama Canal's 100th anniversary, the organization of nonprofit events on a massive scale, the interest in art through children," affirmed Ralph Hannah, the representative of the Guinness World Record organization.