Panama a stop on Challenger tour

Ecuadorian Fabricio Valdivieso, one of the organizers of technical aspects of the Challenger circuit, confirmed that their intention is to build up the conditions year after year to establish Panama as one of the most important stops in Latin America during this competition.

He also highlighted that about 45 professional and world-ranked tennis players will be competing in the event.

The tournament will be giving out $50,000 dollars in prize money and will be broadcast by the Swedish IEC in Sport channel across all of Europe and Asia.


Matches on the center court were between athletes Enrico Becuzzi from Italy and Yoann Chartron from France, Alessandro Motti from Italy vs. Jose Gilbert Gómez from Panama, and Ivan Rebolledo from Panama vs. Felipe Escobar from Colombia. The Mexican athlete César Ramírez forfeited the match to American Jared Donaldson by walkover (W.O).