Panama Off Road kicks off

At least 100 cyclists will gather in our country to participate in the 5th Panama Off Road Mountain Bike 2014. The demanding mountain bike race will take place from February 6th to 8th in the capital and western sector of Panama.

Bikers in the elite, youth, ladies, and Masters A, B and C categories will battle it out on the jungle paths of Panama to show who tops their division. The best pedalers from countries like Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, and the United States will be in the running.

The start line for the first of the three days of competition will be at the City of Knowledge. The 42-kilometer route will cross part of the Trail of Crosses Park and end in Summit Park.

On day two, participants will travel to the region west of Panama City, specifically the sector of Parque Altos de María, in Sorá, Chame, to tackle a 36-km highlands route.

The competition will return to the Panamanian capital on its third and final day of for a 48-kilometer race. Bikers will mount at the Rali de Los Pueblos store in Juan Díaz and pedal away until reaching the Altos de Cerro Azul Club in the eastern sector of the capital city.

Jorge Vázquez, a member of the organizing committee, mentioned that prominent cyclists from Costa Rica are entered in the contest. "This year the Costa Ricans Paolo Montoya, Alexander Sánchez and possibly Paulo Vargas will be there," Vázquez said. Sánchez and Vargas won the 3rd and 4th Panama Off Road races. Mojameth Méndez and José Rodríguez will be the key Panamanian mountain bikers.