Tourists will easily reach El Caño Archaeological Park

After the road is built to the El Caño Archaeological Park in the province of Coclé, it will take less than five minutes to reach this important historical site from the Pan-American Highway, thus facilitating access for the over 2,000 tourists who visit the site monthly.

El Caño Archaeological Park, located 180 kilometers from the capital, is where renowned archaeologists unearthed the "El Dorado of Panama", an indigenous cemetery that recent studies date back to 700 A.C. and that holds the open graves of chiefs buried with their belongings. At this site the scientists discovered six tombs where people were buried covered in gold, copper, and precious stones.

An inspection by the CocléOffice of Regional Planning recorded that the construction work is 93% complete. The contracted company is awaiting final details to deliver the state-invested road project worth 1 million 200 thousand balboas.

Gisela Calvo, who directs the Coclé Office of Regional Planning, asserted that the project is very necessary, since visits to the park during the rainy season were impeded by the poor road conditions. "When there were heavy rainstorms, the river flooded all the way up to the road and blocked off the park," indicated the official.

Authorities are currently working on the drainage for this road, and then it will be ready to be presented to the public.