A handicap-friendly Metro

It won't to be difficult for Panamanians and visitors with disabilities to use the Metro, because the system will provide comfort and reliability for those travellers with vision, hearing, or mobility difficulties.

For people with handicaps, this system is equipped with the necessary signaling, direct access from the street using elevators and a system of hallways and sidewalks, and safe routes that are indicated by textured flooring and a combination of yellow stripes and standardized raised-surface flooring as a warning at the edge of the train platform, explained the engineer Carlos López.

The trains in the system will have logos to mark where there is seating closest to the doors for disabled passengers.

For the hearing impaired, diagrams of the system map will be posted on posters and screen displays that will highlight the stations already passed and indicate the next stop, so they can see in which direction they are travelling.

For the visually impaired, a PA system will alert passengers of arrival at the next station.

The trains on Line 1 of the Panama Metro will have seats reserved specifically for physically handicapped passengers that are designed to guarantee their comfort and ergonomics. The train interior is designed so that users with any type of disability can rely on and make use of the system.

The Line 1 system of the Panama Metro is equipped with all necessary forms of information for travelers, in order to be able to know at all times where they are along the route and where they have to go to board the train.

Source: www.diaadia.com.pa