Passionate surfing to hit Santa Catalina beach

The top four places in each of the seven categories will be awarded.

Summer season has arrived, and with it comes surfing fun.

El Estero beach in Santa Catalina, in Veraguas Province, will be the spot for surfing action during the Discovering Surfing Talents Mormaii Cup on February 8th and 9th.

All ages of youth can participate in this circuit that encompasses the categories Kids (sub 10), Kids Advanced (sub-12), Kids Girls, sub-14, sub-14 Girls, sub-16, and sub-18.

Those who come in the first four places in each of these divisions will be awarded medals and prizes from the event sponsors.

This is the second round of a circuit with brilliant potential surfing talent. It is noteworthy that in the two years it has been held, this is the first time making a stop at this important area, home to several world championships.

Discovering Surfing Talents came to this location because most of their students are from this region of the country, and also in hopes of a massive turnout of both pro and amateur surfers drawn by the fame of Santa Catalina beach.

The tournament organizers cautioned that all surfers competing for the first time must fill out, sign, and return the waiver that accompanies the entry form.

They also reported that the waves during that weekend competition are expected to be about 2 to 4 feet high, which is very positive.

This organization hosts dozens of children and youth passionate about surfing, instructing them while novices on this fabulous sport that forges a relationship between humans and nature.

Registration costs $20 dollars per category.