Biomuseum designed by Gehry in Panama will be inaugurated in May 2014

's Biomuseum,designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry, will open its doors on May 22, 2014.

This project was launched by the Amador Foundation and backed by the Government of Panama, with the scientific support of the Smithsonian Institute and the University of Panama, "with the purpose of changing how we see, understand, and conserve our environment," said the project steering committee.

The 400 square-meter space designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry has eight permanent and sequenced exhibition galleries, a public atrium, temporary exhibition hall, gift shop, cafeteria, and multiple outdoor exhibitions located in a botanical park.

"This museum is beautiful and an honor for the country and for all Panamanians. I want to congratulate all the workers and all the donors who helped with this outstanding construction that will open its doors on May 22nd," declared Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli on a tour of the facilities.

Martinelli stated that the Biomuseum will be one of the most significant and iconic sites in the capital city, and the Amador area will become a place of arrival for tourists and local visitors once it is interconnected with the third phase of the Coastal Strip.

For her part, Pilar Arosemena, the president of the Amador Foundation, mentioned that this is a government project that has taken several years to conclude, but it will finally be open to the public this year.

The vice president of the Amador Foundation, Juan Carlos Fabrega, added that this building was made possible thanks to donations, and it has taken over 10 years to finish its construction. "What's important is that we will be ready to open to the public this year," he concluded.