Over 300,000 thousand visitors expected

At an estimated cost of $1.2 million, the preparations are underway for this year's 59th International Fair of David (FIDA), to be held from March 13th to 23rd.

Berísimo Martínez, an engineer and the FIDA fair board president, confirmed that the 12 committees have already begun to prepare for the next event, under this year's slogan of 'Strengthening the agricultural sector with innovation and technology', without neglecting the other event areas that generate revenue for exhibitors.

"We're going to make some adjustments to the agriculture, livestock, cattle, and dairy sectors to make it easier for the exhibitors and improve the livestock judging arena," said Martínez.

The FIDA is considered a large showcase open to commercial development and investment in one of the regions of the country noted for its robust growth.

Martínez added that the agricultural sector will feature several demonstration plots for hydroponic greenhouse cultivation of very healthy crops, geared for small-scale production. It can also be made a commercial enterprise for those who want to and have the resources, with the support of the University of Panama's Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.

The aim is to inform attendees of new production alternatives available to generate our own products for home consumption.


The organizers reported that a few structures require remodeling, and work is already being done on new structures as part of that investment in fair infrastructure.

Each event represents approximately $50 million in revenue entering the province's hotel, services, commercial, informal, transportation, and other related industries.

Martínez suggested that in the future the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism should join the David International Fair Board and encourage chamber members to participate more in the event.

As is tradition, the Central American countries have confirmed their participation as exhibitors. This year it will be dedicated to the international organizations that for many years have helped our country.

One of the fair board's goals is to surpass the 300,000 visitors, both domestic and foreign, who attended last year, and for that reason they do not plan to increase the price of admission for the general public. It will remain at two dollars for adults, and children enter for free during every day of the international event.

Jorge Jiménez, a field worker at the David Fair, indicated that the farms have made significant progress in getting the products ready to be exhibited at the event.

Source: www.laestrella.com.pa