Gavilla, a very special place

Twelve kilometers from the entrance to the township of Horconcitos, in the district of San Lorenzo, isGavilla Beach, a popular beachside destination for thousands of visitors, during both high and low season, to enjoy the refreshing, clear sea water, observe the flora and fauna, and be in full contact with nature.

Among the ecological riches found here, visitors can observe the beautiful landscapes that are habitat to thousands of species. Tourists who visit this place are treated well, and now in the summer months they come in search of a completely tranquil climate in which to relax, clear their mind, and spend time with their loved ones in a different environment.

Esteban Guerra, owner of one of the beachside dive shops, says that people go there to get away from it all and forget their problems, and that's why those in the tourist business, from fishermen to cooks, strive to give visitors personalized service.

Among the attractions offered to tourists is a boat ride along the coasts of the Gulf of Chiriquí to take in the seascape, the islands of the Pacific coast, and the thrill of a ride on the 'Floating Banana', which both young and old enjoy.

Lodging facilities are offered, so that visitors can park their vehicle in a designated site and can spend the night camping on the edge of the beach.

From their campsite on the ocean shore, tourists can observe the wildlife biodiversity, which the villagers protect from hunters.

Both foreign and domestic visitors greatly savor the signature house dish of garlic-seasoned lobster accompanied with fried plantains served in a small restaurant in the area, knowing that these resources are harvested locally and freshly prepared.

This and other dishes are available because it is a fishing area, and many people subsist off the sea and support their family through this activity.

From Gavilla Beach you can see Hermosa (Beautiful Beach), within the same district of San Lorenzo.

Gavilla Beach is undoubtedly a beautiful place in the township of Horconcitos, where every visitor will enjoy the beach and nature.

You are invited to visit, so don't think twice about it.

Source: Día a Día