Historical heritage

A true curiosity and piece of historical heritage is the altar that remains nearly intact in the colonial church of San Francisco de la Montaña in Veraguas Province, which was erected by Spaniards and Indians during the colonization of the Panamanian isthmus.

Being a Catholic community, Veraguas locals have the utmost respect and greatly value and cherish the altarpieces that symbolize the heritage of faith left by the first Spanish colonizers.

History indicates that upon the conquistadors' arrival on mainland and discovery of the city of Belén in the north of the Santa Fe district, the settlers set across the central mountain range until they reached Santa Fe. From there they descended in search of gold and discovered San Francisco, where they settled and constructed this temple.

Although these altarpieces have had to undergo restoration work, they still retain many original parts and are therefore a historical heritage of humanity.

The San Franciscan community has always jealously guarded this curious heritage that contains many messages from the first religious people who arrived on the Central American isthmus.

These altarpieces in the colonial church of San Francisco are thought to be the oldest in America. They are full of religious messages, just as indicated in the Bible.

The images inscribed on the altarpieces and altar are original, and some restorers have left almost everything untouched so as to not lessen its authenticity. Catholics from around the world are drawn to visit this religious monument, a part of the Panamanian culture.

Source: Día a Día