Giant Paella for Canal's 100th Anniversary

A group of the best chefs in the region will gather in Panama to cook an enormous paella to feed 500 people, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Panama Canal and in an attempt to break a world record.

Renowned chefs from every nation whose citizens participated in the construction of the Canal and have influenced Panamanian cuisine, such as China, Jamaica, France, and Spain, in addition to prominent Panamanian chefs, will participate in the preparation of the huge dish, according to the Panama News Agency.

The event will take place on May 17th in Chiriquí Province as part of Volcán Verde Integral, a food festival that has been held in the Volcán region for the past four years and this year will focus on sustainable gastronomy.

Patricia Miranda Allen, the event president and organizer, explained to ANPAnamá that the dish they will be cooking is called "land" paella, since unlike the traditional seafood paella it is made out of pork, beef, lamb, chicken, and goat meat.

She added that the list of guest chefs includes George Mathews and Lorraine Washington from Jamaica; Melissa De León; Ivin Linares, an expert in Guna cuisine; Argimiro Armuelles; Manuel Len and his wife Amelia Yin Len, versed in Oriental dishes; Luis Mendizábal; Fulbio Miranda; and Alfredo Sosa, who is a Spanish expert in paellas and will be the main advisor for the Panamanian mega paella.

Source: Caribbean News Digital Panama