Historic district of David, a tourism alternative

The historian and member of the Old Town Improvement Committee, Milagros Sánchez, said that the 27 blocks that make up the historic quarters of the city of David are rich in history and marked a cultural and political history.

It is a sightseeing alternative for visitors to the district of David, who can have the experience of exploring every corner of this site. It was declared a tourist sector of the city of David in 1995 by Agreement 54 of the Municipality of David, reported Sánchez.

For Diana Brujiati, a painter and resident of the Bolívar neighborhood (formerly called the El Peligro neighborhood), this area represents an alternative for tourism, not only for foreigners but also for nationals, since it's located in the same township of David and is walking distance from the hotels situated in the commercial area, which reduces transportation costs and time.

Brujiati notes that those who visit the district of David and don't see the old town of David lose a chance to learn about the history of the province and the country.

Source: La Critica