Panama Metro Opens

After 38 months of construction and integrated tests, on Sunday, April 6th the general public will be able to ride Line One of the Panama Metro, a modern system of mass transportation that will provide security and faster commutes for all its users.

The Panama Metro will be inaugurated on Saturday, April 5 at the Los Andes shopping mall grounds with a show by national artists to celebrate with Panamanian families the launch of the first subway in the Central American region, a source of pride for all Panamanians.

On Sunday, April 6, the Metro will open its doors during special operating hours of 9 am to 3 pm. As of Monday, April 7, the system will begin operations on its regular schedule of 5 am to 10 pm.

During the period of adaptation to the Metro system, fares will be free of charge; nevertheless, a fare card must be presented to validate passengers' entrance and exit. Metrobus, Rapipass (three-in-one) and the Panama Metro commemorative cards will be available for use.

The test run, held in March, allowed more than 12,000 users to learn of the system's benefits and facilities, as well as the norms of conduct and safety rules of this novel form of transportation. Guest riders included schools and residents within the area of ​​influence of the Metro's Line One, athletes, media representatives, private enterprise, business associations, institutions like SENADIS, and accredited diplomats in Panama, among other visitors.

As stated in the contract, on February 28, 2014 the Line One Consortium performed the substantial project delivery to the Secretariat of the Panama Metro. An additional contract clause is for the contractor and the state to establish a list of pending issues, which must be resolved within 180 days. This docket period ends in mid-August.

With Metro Line 1 initiating operations, we launch a period of adaptation to the system, during which commuters will receive user guides and orientation for correctly riding on the Metro.

The Metro Line 1, composed of 12 stations--5 elevated and 7 underground, provides efficient, rapid, and secure trips to the thousands of people who need to navigate the capital city every day.

Source: Panama Metro