Metro transforms Panama into a better tourist destination

Panama City is swiftly growing and becoming more modern. The launch of the Metro's Line One revolutionizes how people can get from one side of the city to the other, making it a welcoming destination for visitors.

It all seems easier now. From the hotel zone, tourists can ride the Metro to go shopping in the huge Albrook Mall, sightsee in Old Town, visit the Seafood Market, or stroll along the Coastal Strip. With the Metro's arrival, there is more time, and everything is faster.

The 13.7-km long Metro system has 12 stations. Two hundred people can ride on the trains in the comfort of air-conditioning. The spacious stations and facilities of elevators and escalators give the transit system a pleasant atmosphere and make the city residents proud.

Police and Metro staff are on hand to answer any commuter's questions.

The Metro takes you where you're going faster and safer. The Metro puts a smile on the face of an ever-growing city.