New Coastal Strip III inaugurated

With street musicians and a fireworks display, the government opened up to the public the third phase of the Coastal Strip, the second megaproject inaugurated in under a week. 

It is a viaduct that will connect the Coastal Strip near the Seafood Market with Los Poetas Avenue in El Chorrillo.

It took nearly two years for 3,500 workers, mostly from the Santa Ana, San Felipe, Barraza, and El Chorrillo neighborhoods, to build it. "This incorporates Chorrillo into the capital city," President Ricardo Martinelli stated during the inauguration ceremony.

The public works consists of 19 hectares for recreation with four sports courts, two multi-game areas, a bike path, a skate park, five playgrounds, and the Maracaná stadium, which will open tomorrow.

Source: Metro Libre

Photo: Raúl Novey