Panama and Colombia tourism guilds sign alliance

The Panamanian Association of Hotels (APATEL) signed a strategic alliance of cooperation with the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Colombia (COTELCO) to exchange experiences, information, and knowledge, as well as facilitate employment opportunities for the different hotel members in both associations.

APATEL president Jorge Loaiza noted that these initiatives provide great benefits to Panama and demonstrate the commitment of those who, directly or indirectly, are linked to the tourism and hospitality industry.

The act was signed during the Panamanian guild's 50th anniversary celebration.

"In the hotel business," Loaiza said, "market demands are always present, and our main goal is to fulfill the standards of quality set by the needs of our clients. Together with the state authorities, we have managed to strengthen and position the country brand of Panama in order to achieve that level of quality customer service for our visitors."

He added that in their 50 years of existence, the Panamanian Association of Hotels has maintained direct and open communication with the tourism authorities, as means of introduction for the announcement to the government democratically elected last May 4, headed by Juan Carlos Varela, that the guild keeps their doors open to hear and exchange opinions on new projects that would further drive tourism.

APATEL currently comprises 125 hotel partners. The main objectives of the union are to represent the hotel sector across the country and seek the support, incentives, and stimulus from the Panamanian government that the hospitality industry needs in order to contribute to the country's economic and social development.

Source: ANPanamá