VivaColombia flights to Panama take off on August 1st

On June 11th we will be visited by the CEO of the airline VivaColombia, which will inaugurate its Bogotá-Panamá-Bogotá and Medellín-Panamá-Medellín flights this August 1st.

VivaColombia is the first and only low-cost airline in Colombia, which arrived on the scene to revolutionize the price of plane tickets. Since it began operation on May 25, 2012, VivaColombia has achieved unparalleled records that have directly influenced market growth and a surge in national tourism. In merely two months of operations, they managed to transport more than 100,000 passengers.

The idea of ​​creating the first budget airline in Colombia had its inceptions in 2008 when the founding partnersof Grupo Fast, led by current VivaColombia president Juan Emilio Posada, concluded that Colombia urgently needed to create a low-cost carrier. They presented the project to Stanford University, where it was researched and developed.

Investment Partners

Grupo Bolívar: This Colombian financial institution is one of the strongest in the country, with a diversified portfolio of services that includes: Davivienda (the third largest bank in Colombia), Seguros Bolivar (an insurance group and the third-largest company in the country), Constructora Bolívar, Ediciones Gama, and Fiducafé.

Grupo Iamsa: With more than 24,000 employees, this Mexican company is a leader in ground transportation. It currently operates a modern fleet of 9,000 buses that annually carry over 260 million passengers. By operating in 24 Mexican states, it can provide services to over 83.4% of the country's population. The transportation conglomerate is comprised of Grupo Flecha Amarilla and Grupo Toluca.

Irelandia Aviation: the investment vehicle of the Ryan family, Irelandia Aviation is a leader in developing low cost carriers. At present they have five low cost airline partners around the world: Ryanair (the biggest low cost airline in Europe) was created in Ireland in 1985, Tiger Airways in Singapore in 2004, Allegiant Air in the United States in 2005, VivaAerobus in Mexico in 2006 and VivaColombia in 2012.

Juan Emilio Posada, an experienced businessman in the aviation sector and the team leader, served as the airline's Chairman of the Board from its inception until 2014, when he assumed the presidency.

- He studied Business Management at EAFIT University and received a MBA in International Business and Finance from Pace University in New York, where he received the highest award in academic excellence. Posada also studied international financial law at the London School of Economics.

- He was president of Aces and Avianca.

He serves on numerous boards of private, public, and non-profit international organizations.

- He has been recognized with several awards and honored with the Gran Cruz de Boyacá, among other accomplishments.