Panama has potential for investment in tourism

According to the Agency for Promotion of Investments and Exports (Proinvex), Panama has greater potential and comparative advantages in several sectors, among them tourism for its legal security and transparency generated by an effective public administration. 

The field of financial services also presents a positive scenario, since Panama's use of the dollar as its legal tender as of 1904 has allowed the country to enjoy low inflationary pressures and zero currency risk. Such conditions have contributed to the development of the International Banking Center, composed of more than 90 financial institutions, including general license banks, international license banks, and representative offices.

Panama is at an advantage in the sector of agricultural exports due to its number of daylight hours, lack of extreme summers, quality of soil that concentrates more sugar in the fruit, and the high quality of natural water, factors that allow Panamanian products for export to be positioned in U.S. and European markets.

As far as logistics, the Panama Canal, the Inter-oceanic Railway, a Maritime Hub with ports on the Pacific and the Atlantic, and an International Air Transport Platform for cargo and passengers, coupled with the country's most valuable asset of its privileged geographical position, are facilities that make Panama a natural hub for access to a market numbering over 3,500 million people.

The canal's capacity is complemented by container ports on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts that serve as transshipment and redistribution centers for merchandise.

Source: caribbeannewsdigital