Tica Air flights could get off ground in early 2015

The airline Tica Air might begin flying from San José, Costa Rica to Miami, USA in early 2015, commented Eduardo Stagg, one of the company's top shareholders. 

Phase II has been completed and they are now initiating Phase III in order to be certified in Costa Rica, then seek authorization of the United States, Stagg informed the Panama News Agency (ANPanamá).

During the third phase the company is required to hire additional staff and begin preparing to offer the service. They currently have contracted 15 people, but will have some 150 staff by the end of the process.

Ticket costs have not been revealed yet for the daily three-hour flight bound for Miami International Airport in the United States.

The total investment, including certifications, training, and other costs, will come to about USD $10 million, Stagg reported in an earlier interview. Tica Air would be flying a Boeing 737-300 aircraft with seating for 147 passengers.

Source: ANPanamá