Panama is a rising surfing destination

Panama's privileged geography of being flanked by two oceans makes this Central American country an increasingly popular destination among surfers, since the best beaches for this sport are found merely an hour away from the capital, Panama City. 

Noteworthy beaches include Malibu, Teta, Palmar, and Río Mar, where surfers can ride the best waves at sites with stunning scenery.

More adventurous and daring surfers will find that the country also has a few hidden gems to discover. Rare and off-the-beaten-track destinations in Panama offer thrilling challenges, such as at Venao, near Pedasi; Santa Catalina, on the Pacific coast; or off the islands of the Bocas del Toro archipelago, on the Caribbean coast.

Beyond the dream beaches for surfing, Panama stands out as a cheap destination for transporting the gear you need to practice this sport. The airline Air Panama, for example, charges only an extra $15 baggage fee to take aboard surfboards and bodyboards on domestic flights.

All of these advantages were criteria in selecting Panama as the host country for the ISA 2014 World Masters Surfing championship.