Panama Tourism Authority promotes tourism in the country's interior

The sub-administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Jennifer Champsaur, toured the entity's offices in the country's interior provinces to assess the policies the institution will execute with the aim to promote tourism in those areas. 

Champsaur made visits to the regional offices of Coclé, in Farallón; Pedasí in the province of Los Santos; Chitré in Herrera; Veraguas; and Chiriquí.

In Chiriquí province she met with delegates from hotels in the highlands to analyze the mechanisms and measures that will stimulate tourism in the region.

This meeting was also attended by Carmen González, of the ATP's Directorate for Tourism Promotion; Ruth Espinoza, of the Hotel Casa Grande Bambito; Edward Martinez, of the Hotel Don Tavo; Omar López, of the Hostal Llano Lindo; Jeffry Martínez and Bryan Santamaría, of Highlands Tours; and Leonardo Martínez, manager of the hotel Bambito.

The delegates of highland hotels discussed installing road signs along the stretch of highway from Concepción to Cerro Punta and street lighting, as well as encouraging tourism investment in the area.

Additionally, they requested setting up an ATP office in the highlands to provide orientation and guidelines on developing tourism in this region.

Deputy administrator Champsaur emphasized that enhancing the tourism potential of Chiriquí is one of the priorities the ATP has for this province, the capital, and the entire interior.

The ATP Sub-administrator and Director of Fomento is touring the regional offices of the institution within the republic's interior to evaluate strategies for driving tourism in the provinces. In Chiriquí she also met with the ATP Regional Administrator, Ana Delia Morales.