Over 35,000 sea turtles born on Cambutal coast

CAMBUTAL, Los Santos. Some 35,687 sea turtles have successfully been born on the beaches of Cambutal in the province of Los Santos, according to official figures of the regional environmental group Tortu-Agro. 

Such a successful 100% birth rate of these animals over the past four years has been achieved through efforts to inspect, protect, and conserve natural resources on the beaches of La Cuchilla and Horcones on the Pacific coast of the Azuero peninsula.

Tortu-Agro's treasurer Yaquielin Vásquez noted that the contribution of $23,950 dollars from the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) allowed the sea turtle monitoring centers to be constructed.

One of the centers is located on La Cuchilla beach and the other on Horcones beach, which also has two turtle nurseries. The resources provided were also used to remodel the Cambutal Center for Environmental Communication, Vásquez added.

Vásquez pointed out that the two new monitoring centers allow for daily, round-the-clock surveillance of the sea turtles, whereas before they could only patrol the beaches three times a week.

According to the environmental group's statistics, in 2010 they collected 20 nests and had 1,321 hatchlings; in 2011, from the same number of nests, 8,620 turtles were born; in 2012 the number of nests increased to 150 and produced 14,856 turtles; and in 2013 they had 10,890 baby turtles from 110 nests.

Source: La Prensa.com