What's being said of Panama

The Metropolitan Cathedral is the most representative building of the city's Old Town, and the base for the Archdiocese of Panama. It took 108 years to construct this Catholic church, built in stages from 1688 and 1796. The front part was built between 1688 and 1741, and then from 1741 to 1762 the church structure was raised. Later the 36 meter high towers were built, between 1762 and 1796, when it was consecrated.

The hat is a garment which is generally used to protect us from the sun. In our country, men in the countryside use a type of hat commonly known as the "sombrero pintao,"

Panama has become, in this 2012, a fashionable destination. Its rich and varied culture, native fauna and flora and the diversity of landscapes and possibilities that the country offers to all types of tourists and pocket books make Panama a destination with an enormous magnetism and full of secrets to discover.

Waves at Venao Beach are the biggest attraction in the region of Pedasí, Los Santos province. They are so high and so famous that they attract international events like the World competition for Youth Surf by the International Surfing Association. That has made hotel rooms in and around Pedasí always be full.


Bocas del Toro is a stunning archipelago set in the Caribbean sea, that seduces visitors by its combination of exotic marine species, coral reefs and beaches with crystalline turquoise waters. Located in northwestern Panama, next to Costa Rica, it joins nine islands, in addition to two hundred islets and fifty cays. The most popular and trafficked is Colón Island, with the city of Bocas, capital of the province that shares the same name.


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