Panama in the


Laury-Anne CHOLEZ

To raise awareness of the country's natural and cultural wealth, Panama presented from March 30 and April 1, 2012 in the Natural Destinations fair. The country also organized a gastronomic event on Thursday, March 29 in the Chocolate Museum in Paris. 

Estafanía Mora, Carnival Queen 2012, was at the Chocolate Museum for the event, organized by the Tourism Authority. Travel agents and tour operators constantly showed interest. About fifty people attended the social event, organized by Panama at the Chocolate Museum in Paris. A presentation of the destination, a museum visit and a chocolate tasting were part of the program. Attendees could also view an exhibition devoted to the Guna indigenous group. It appears that the Guna prevent cardiovascular disease thanks to their consumption of chocolate.

Besides the entertaining aspect of the event, Panama was present to promote its culture, flora and fauna.

The country has 7 native indigenous groups that preserve their traditions and lifestyle. Two representatives of the Embera indigenous group will attend the Natural Destinations fair, held in Paris from March 30th to April 1st at stand B14.

This is the only fair in France where Panama is represented as a tourist destination. This confirms Panama's desire to promote its natural heritage. In fact, 33% of Panamanian territory is protected within 15 parks and nature reserves, three of which have been classified by UNESCO. Some 1,000 bird species and 220 species of mammals can be admired in these parks.

Nature that is properly conserved and an authentic culture: these are what attract French travelers. In 2011, it was reported that 12,361 French visited the country, a figure reaching 6%.

To continue with this trend, Panama will launch an online communication campaign and organize two educational tours in June and September. Training will also be offered in travel agencies for interested agencies, which can be scheduled through the TQC agency that promotes the Panama destination in France.