Lucrative Business in Panama

Panama offers great opportunities to start a profitable business, which is why many multinational companies are taking advantage of the country's economic growth to expand their operations. 

Key productive sectors in the country are fishing and agriculture. Manufacturing industries are directed toward satisfying domestic demand. Transportation firms are essential for the constant flow of exports and imports in the country, in addition to the logistics sector, focused mainly on the Panama Canal.

These characteristics make it profitable to run a business in Panama, and an efficient way of participating in domestic commercial assets.

Real Estate

In Panama, real estate is one of the most important sectors in terms of investment and profitability. Many choose to invest by buying houses, apartments, and other property for their vacations or retirement.


Tourists will find a lively nightlife scene and many places to go out, both in nightclubs and on beaches.


Taxi stations offer 24-hour service and are available nationwide at a pre-established cost per route.

An additional taxi service is provided by SET (Special Tourism Services).


Panama has numerous media outlets that keep both citizens and visitors up to date with the latest news. We have newspapers, magazines, radio stations, television stations, and online media, which are increasingly trendy. Web pages are the new face of media that provide all the digital and up-to-date content that you seek daily. By simply typing the website address or link, you will be able to learn, download, discover, purchase, register, sell, or virtually visit any destination of interest.