More than a destination

Facilities, equipment, security, and personalized service are just some of the criteria for a tourist selecting the route and activities that will offer the experience, affinity, and attraction to make it a successful trip.

Certainly finding the perfect trip is important, because those experiences that differ from their everyday activities are what the tourist will always remember.

A positive experience results in free advertising; therefore, in keeping with this tourist strategy and in hopes of commercializing the trip, it is important to fulfill the tourist's expectations.

Panama offers the virtue of being able to efficiently tour various activities at many attractions, the majority of which are in the city center and located less than half an hour apart.

These activities can be done outdoors, during the day or at night, and on any day of the week, as recommended in the following tours.

Everyone's talking about the Carnival in Panama, thanks to the participation of more than eleven international media groups who traveled to our country to cover the MetroCity Carnival and at various sites nationwide, interviewing along the way several of the guest artists and figures who made an appearance during the festivities.

The foreign reporters enjoyed all the fun and partying of Carnival in Penonomé during their tour. One foreign journalist tells us that the preferred destinations are in Central America, and they use the tour agency Tierra Sinai to search for destinations near Central America, especially Panama.

According to Crescencio Sánchez, another APROVACA member, poaching orchids to take home or sell at high prices in the El Valle market is a real problem. Despite being illegal, people are constantly hunting orchids and extracting them carelessly, without concern for the consequences for each flower species. Due to this issue, the sale of orchids endemic to El Valle de Antón is forbidden, and only those authorized by the group can be sold.

Mrs. Rodríguez reports that the Japanese were the ones who encouraged them to conserve the orchids and then take them to Cerro Gaytal, and that's why they work towards propagating some 100 different types of native orchids, which will then be transplanted in the forest to ensure that they don't go extinct.

All types of orchids can be observed in the orchid conservation center, from miniatures to the biggest varieties, all of incomparable beauty and available for purchase for $20 dollars.