Photos of Panama City

Riding a boat through the Panama Canal is the ultimate experience on a visit to Panama. You can go on either a partial trip or a complete circuit, and both routes may be done in the reverse direction. The full route crosses Gatún Lake until reaching the Gatún Locks, where the ship is lowered to the level of the Atlantic Ocean.

These tour packages provide the advantage of including not only all food and drinks, but also a guided explanation of everything you see along the way.

The Miraflores Locks provide an opportunity for all visitors to learn the history and operation of the Panama Canal and witness as ships pass through the locks. You will be able to enjoy the views of the natural landscape lining the banks of the Canal from the on-site restaurant area. A tour of the Panama Canal Museum visits four exhibition halls.

The Visitor Center has a large fully equipped theater, three observation decks, two refreshment stands, a restaurant with panoramic views, a gift shop, and a banquet hall.

The center is constantly receiving visitors, who take advantage of the tour to take photographs or film videos. Here are some pictures for your enjoyment: