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I just want to bring up some information that very few visiting Panamá are aware of.

If you are a visitor, for the first 30 days, you are 100% covered with medical services, totally free of charge. This is a courtesy service provided by the Tourism Department.

This free coverage includes home (hotel) visits, hospital, or whatever you need to get better, and doctors speak English.

Even if your health issue is only something you think is not an emergency, don´t take any chances. Just ask for your brochure at the airport, (or cruise ship) upon your arrival. The hotels should also have this information available. Panamá is the only country that offers this service. That´s one of the ways how Panama values its visitors, and shows her appreciation for visiting the country. They want you to stay healthy, happy and have the greatest experience.

Sorry I don´t have the direct phone number available, but the number to the Tourism Bureau switchboard is: +(507) 526-7000.

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Data de publicação: 31 October 2013
Escrito por: Lourdes Townshed
My name is Giselle and I have been a runaway for 12 years. least according to some of my stateside friends.

It all started innocently enough (as most adventures are want to do): My husband and I had begun to contemplate our retirement options. We were living in Florida at the time. He was a doctor and I was a Real Estate Agent. We talked up a storm about places we would like to see and destinations that would be good fun to wake up in. Of course, this being a marriage, we went from a discussion to a debate and from a debate to an argument about these places, their relative prices insofar as living there, the crime rates, and their relative proximity to outlets offering comfortable shoes at reasonable prices (the important stuff, as you can plainly see). This went on for a good few months before my dear husband, in his typical fashion, grew frustrated with our continual deadlock and shouted out the first thing to come to his lips, "Fine! Why not Panama?!"

To hear him tell the tale now, you'd think he had been carefully planning this turn of events like he was channeling Machiavelli by way of Ricky Ricardo. But the truth is, Panama? Neither one of us had ever visited Panama at length (and the only times I had set foot there was during layovers). But the idea stuck with me. So much so that we bought tickets to come down and stay in Panama for a month. That month turned to twelve years. The phone calls I got from my friends were understandably apocalyptic:

"What?! Panama?! Why are you in Panama? You'll get robbed!"

"It's a third world country! Disgusting!"

"You'll be back in a month. Why are you wasting your time? That place is too rough for you."

...and of course, they all ended their calls with the ever popular "How can you live there?!"

The calls kept coming in, seemingly without end. But I did not pay them any heed. They didn't know. How could they? They had not seen the beauteous rivers coursing through moonlit mountains, nor the cliffs which beheld both Heaven and the sea. They had not heard the grand symphony of rain through the jungle canopy , nor the soulful aria of a humpback whale mere inches away from the boat. They had not felt the sand from deserted islands at their feet, nor tasted the powerful, life-giving bitterness of coffee so fresh that the flower's subtle perfume still clings to the bag. They didn't know about the lower crime rates, they didn't know about the wonderful people, and they didn't know how much this place reminded me of my Cuban homeland.

-Story courtesy of Best Places In The World To Retire. To see more stories like this, copy this into your web browser:
Data de publicação: 31 October 2013
Escrito por: Gisselle Socarraz
One of the best things about moving to Panama is that I have met and I am now friends with people who I would have been likely to even meet at a coffee shop back in Toronto. My group of amigos range from 30 years to 65+ years in age and come from all walks of life and corners of the earth. In the last few months a group of these "unlikely's" as I would call them got together with a common interest and goal of completing a series of Triathlons in Panama. It really happened at a weekly expat gathering when I asked a few of the unlikely's if they ever thought of doing something of this nature. Two months later we completed the Coronado Extreme Triathlon and for 4 out of the 6 of us it was their first completed triathlon. This past weekend, we all traveled up to Fort Sherman and knocked off another Sprint Triathlon and now there is no stopping this group of Coronado Triathletes.

While up on the Caribbean coast we got the opportunity to check out the new Italian Canal Doors that will be installed in the Atlantic locks of the 3rd Canal, which is the recent expansion of the existing canal. It was truly an incredible site, to see these doors on land that will be the gateway to the Atlantic and the entrance into the Canal.

If you do ever get the opportunity to visit Fort Sherman, go for it. Nestled into the Rain Forest on the Atlantic coast you will be sure to encounter a jungle creature or have a monkey cross the road or a gang of "cotamundis" or possibly even a sloth. You may also get a chance to meet a new "unlikely friend" and proceed to experience such amazing adventures in Panama.

-Story courtesy of Best Places In The World To Retire. To see more stories like this, copy this into your web browser:
Data de publicação: 31 October 2013
Escrito por: Karyn Saunders
hola. ayer estuve visitando la playa santa clara y al pasar por rio hato senti una gran sensacion y motivacion, ya que este aeropueto es una gran oportunidad para las provincias centrales, en especial para cocle porque nuestro turismo aumentara al igual que el comercio, ver como playa coronado practicamente se esta convirtieno en una cuidad tan solo por la construcion de esta obra produce una gran satisfaccion, estoy muy contento por estoy muy contento por la contruccion de este proyecto y quiero felicitar a quien iso posible de este proyecto una realidad.
Soy estudiante de servicios de aerolineas y me desidi por esta carrera porque espero formar parte al nivel laboral...
Data de publicação: 24 January 2012
Escrito por: antonio
El pasado año 3 parejas de amigos hacer un viaje a Latinoamerica juntos; he de decir que nuestra primera opción fue Costa Rica, pues en todas las agencias de viajes que visitabamos era lo que nos ofrecían como la mejor opción y era el pais del que mas publicidad recibiamos por todos los medios. Afortunadamente unos dias antes de reservar el viaje, buscando unformación acerca de Costa Rica en Internet, una web me redireccionó a una página sobre el Parque de la Amistad en Panamá, y las imagenes me impresionaron tanto que empecé a buscar info sobre este pais y me cautivó...tengo que decir que convencer al resto de mis amigos para cambiar el destino fue muy facil, simplemente viendo las imagenes de un par de webs se entusiasmaron tanto como yo.

Ha sido la mejor decision, y el mejor viaje de mi vida. La gente es amable, acogedora, su forma de hablar es tan dulce, y lo mas sorprendente NUNCA TIENEN PRISA (deberiamos aprender aqui en España). Las playas y montañas, su naturaleza en general, es increible, no hay forma de describirlo con palabras, playas virgenes, naturaleza salvaje, animales imposibles de ver en ningun otro sitio, y aqui los ves en su habitat. Esto es otro detalle que nos encantó, el respeto que tienen aun por la riqueza tanto natural como cultural de su pais. Nuestro viaje fue en el mes de noviembre, coincidiendo sin haberlo planeado con las fiestas de independencia de Panama, y nos tocó ver algun desfile y como lo celebran, buf, la piel se me pone de gallina. Panama tambien sorprende por sus contrastes, tanta naturaleza, playas virgenes, islas casi sin explorar, una densa selva, y en su capita, ua ciudad de lo mas moderna y cosmopolita, con grandes rascacielos, ua oferta de ocio enorme, paseos maritimos espectaculares, etc.

En fin, que recomiendo a todo el mundo este viaje, de hecho, en junio de 2012 me caso, y mi viaje de novios ya esta reservado ¿adivinais a donde?...creo que está claro que Panama será una luna de miel perfecta.
Data de publicação: 05 December 2011
Escrito por: Rebeca Iglesias
Ingeniera, amante de la naturaleza, España

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