Destinations for Charming Weddings in Panama

Top destination for many couples:
Panama City

International publications and media are featuring the great image, positioning, and tourism attraction that Panama is developing right now. 

All this work is being invested so that you can enjoy the array of attractions available in a country rich in customs and traditions.

Discover more about Panama and see how it could be a great destination for your wedding and honeymoon, giving it an interesting twist and making for a thematic and representative trip.

To start, Panama has beautiful, antique chapels that retain an enigmatic feel of former eras in their structures, such as the Iglesia del Carmen, located in the heart of Vía España. More historic buildings are housed in the Casco Antiguo, or Old Town, in the township of San Felipe. Here you can find churches and plazas with panoramic views of a city that once was safeguarded from pirates due to its difficult access. One such church is the Iglesia de San José that reveals to visitors its delicate baroque gold altar, or the church of La Merced which preserves its original facade. The Church of San Francisco and San Felipe de Neri Church are additional options for wedding venues.

Another virtue is that Panama has very traditional, simple chapels in each of its provinces. For lodging, you can choose among the various hotels along the Pan-American Highway or the inns on a beach or in a natural setting.

In addition to the amenities offered in these accomodations, the great benefit is being able to visit several attractions in the area in just a couple hours.

Whether staying at a city hotel or beach resort, visitors always greatly enjoy both the traditional and international cuisine served on site.

As the Hub of the Americas, it is easy to arrive in Panama with one of the many airlines whose presence makes the country competitive in the market.

For those who dream of an outdoor wedding, Panama offers beautiful tourist attractions in beach or mountainous areas, village squares, and other sites.

Major hotel chains, with a range of styles, are present in Panama and located near the city's biggest shopping malls that have a variety of brands at affordable prices.

Come enjoy the tours, facilities, and warm weather on your next wedding or honeymoon trip to Panama.


Photography by featuring David Pezzat.