5th International Gastronomic Fair Panama 2014

5th International Gastronomic Fair Panama 2014

From August 29, 2014 14:28 until August 31, 2014 16:28 Save to calendar

At Centro de Convenciones Atlapa, Panamá Avenida 5 B Sur, Panama

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The dream of putting on an event for all the major players in the food industry in one place came true five years ago. We started with an exposition and a conference, and over the years we have tacked on the Wine Route, the international competition of culinary students (Copa Panama Gastronomica), the Patio of Flavor, and the Demo Kitchen with live shows open to the public. To add to these attractions, this year we bring you a new Gastro Pub and Tasting Area.

The construction of the Panama Canal in the early 1900s attracted people of different cultures, who have contributed to shaping this country's multi-ethnicity. Local dishes can now have Spanish or Chinese influence, as well as Lebanese, Italian, Afro-Caribbean, or other cuisines.

The number and variety of restaurants in Panama is growing very fast and making it an attractive culinary destination. As Panamanians, we are proud to be part of the Panama Canal's 100th anniversary celebration, which is why we have chosen as our theme this year "Multiple Cultures, One Identity." We will see you in ATLAPA from August 29 to 31.

More Information: www.panamagastronomica.com

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