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At Ciudad del Saber, Panamá Park Road, Panama

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The Third Central American Percussion Festival (FEPECE) is organized by the Danilo Pérez Foundation and Panama Jazz Productions, both led by Danilo Pérez. This cultural and educational event invites everyone to celebrate the rich tradition of percussion from Latin America and the world over in Panama. It will take place on August 30, 2014 in the City of Knowledge and will feature percussion classes all day long and an evening of performances of varying forms of percussion from around the globe at the site's theater.

Like all other educational events held by the Danilo Pérez Foundation, 80% of the participants in FEPECE are students with great musical talent but scarce economic resources.

In order to put on the FEPECE, we need the support of individuals and enterprises. This and other quality educational and cultural events need to be made accessible to our children and youth and contribute to their musical education for their future development as musicians.

We want more businesses and people to support the large-scale event of FEPECE and participate in the musical and cultural education of our country. To this end, we have proposed a fundraising campaign that aspires to reach the goal of $10,000.00 by the month's end. You can participate in this cause by donating as little as $10.00.

The Danilo Pérez Foundation will recognize all donors who support the Costéame campaign for their contribution with incentives such as a dinner with the maestro Danilo Pérez, promotional material including autographed CDs, coffee mugs, t-shirts, souvenirs of the Panama Jazz Festival, percussion clinics in the FDP, free concert tickets at Danilo's Jazz Club, or complimentary tickets to the FEPECE concert on August 30th or other events run by the foundation.

This campaign seeks to raise funds to cover the production costs of the music clinics and the FEPECE concert, which include the following: sound, lighting, piano tuning, lodging and airfare for international musicians, theater rental, sound engineer remuneration, food and drink for the production team, transportation and refreshments for teachers, travel expenses for musicians and volunteers, permits and insurance, stationery, janitorial services, recycling, and scholarships during the year 2015 for students who lack the financial means to otherwise study with the foundation.

To learn more about us and our activities, visit us at www.fundaciondaniloperez.org, www.fepecepanama.com, our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed.

For more details on Costéame and to make your contribution towards this event that fosters Panamanian culture, go to: www.costea.me/fepece

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