WHAT TO DOVisit Biomuseo

The Biomuseo

The Biomuseo unites, in a unique way, science, art and design to tell the story of how Panama changed the natural world as we know it.

Highlighting our natural and cultural history and emphasizing the role of humans in the XXI century, the visit to the Biomuseo will enrich your trip to Panama and is a must for everyone who visits our country.

Permanent Exhibition

Gallery of Biodiversity

What is biodiversity? Why should we care? What is happening to it today? The first gallery is an introduction to Panama’s amazing natural heritage. The gallery gives the visitors a sense of the magnitude of Earth’s biodiversity, which is still being discovered.


We are surrounded by an endless number of living beings and communities. A three-level projection space with 10 screens envelops the visitor in a display of sight and sound featuring Panama’s natural wonders.

Building the Bridge

Panama emerged from the sea 3 million years ago. Earth’s inner forces that formed the Isthmus of Panama take the form of three 14-meter-high rock formations, allowing for a tangible encounter with the geological world.

Worlds Collide

When the Isthmus closed an extraordinary exchange of species occurred between North and South America. A stampede of animal sculptures of all eras, shapes, and sizes tell the story of this unique and ongoing natural event.

The Human Path

In a space partially open to the outdoors, 16 columns provide information about the relations between human activity and the natural scenarios of Panama throughout time.

Botanical Park

A living exhibit that broadens the content presented in the museum’s galleries, it complements them with a larger exhibit with plants from North and South America, an ethnobotanical station and an interdependent forest with flowers that attract pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. The use of the park is free.

Temporary Exhibitions

Added to the Permanent Exhibition, the visitor can enjoy temporary exhibits. From fossils found during the expansion of the Panama Canal to Frank Gehry’s work in our country and around the world, these are examples of the exhibits that have been shown.

Services the Biomuseo offers

Visit our coffee shop, El Café, managed by Kotowa, it has one of the best views to the entrance of the Panama Canal. There is also a gift shop, La Tienda, where you can find souvenirs of your visit. Our audio guides offer 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin.

Personalize your visit

Book a tour with a private guide. Write to our sales team at [email protected]. Check out our social networks for activities.

The Biomuseo is wheelchair accessible; if you need assistance for a visitor with limited mobility or special needs, call Monday through Friday at 830-6700.

Contact: www.biomuseopanama.org, [email protected]