WHAT TO DOVisit the Canal Expansion Observation Center in Colon

Panama Canal

The new Observation Center of the Canal Expansion in Colón covers four hectares and is designed like a park, with terraces and open, partially covered, and fully covered platforms that allow up to 400 visitors to simultaneously enjoy an unobstructed view of the construction of the new locks for the Panama Canal on the Atlantic coast.

Gatún Lake

From this unique location, surrounded by the lush beauty of tropical nature, visitors can observe the majestic Gatún Lake, where ships continue their course across the interoceanic waterway. Visitors who choose to ascend to the top of a structure built at the height of the treetops are rewarded with a privileged view of the varied landscape from which to admire and contemplate nature in all of its splendor. The lookout is suspended 60 meters above sea level and 50 meters from the Canal and there is a nature path leading into the woods.

Opening hours and Contact

Monday to Sunday, including holidays, ticket office open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. For more information on how to plan your next visit to the Panama Canal, call (507) 276-8325, fax (507) 276-8469, or e-mail [email protected].