WHAT TO DOFishing in Panama

Fishing In Panama City

One of the many surprises Panama has in store for you is being able to go fishing in its capital city, located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. In fact, 'Panama' in the indigenous language means 'abundance of fish'. For freshwater fishing consider Gatún Lake, one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, created in 1913 during the massive engineering project which was the construction of the Panama Canal. Its 425 square kilometers are home to fish species such as the sergeant (also called peacock bass), oscar, sea bass, and Atlantic tarpon (also known as the silver king). There are three different fishing spots on the lake, La Arenosa, Gamboa, and Gatún. Amador Causeway has a fishing hut where young and old anglers come to spend some leisure time together and try their luck catching something. These fishermen have several ways of practicing their hobby, ranging from a formal fishing rod to the simplest rig-up of an empty pop can with a hook tied to a nylon string.


Piña Bay is a favorite spot for those seeking a prize fish like marlin or sailfish. This sport-fishing paradise, with over 250 world records, is visited by figures from the world over. Pedasí is located at the southern tip of the Azuero Peninsula in the province of Los Santos. The local fishermen will take you out in their panga fishing boat. You don't even have to go that far, because the ocean gets very deep still quite close to shore, to try to catch any of the trophy fish in these waters, such as marlin or sailfish, or the more common yellowfin tuna. Coiba Island to the south of Veraguas Province is famous for the wide variety of marine life that teems in its protected waters. Sport fishing is permitted, although the logistics of getting there by boat is not very easy.


San Blas islands, at Guna Yala, were formed by the accumulation of coral and are covered with palm trees and white sand beaches of indescribable beauty. The ocean has varying depths and hues of blue, housing dazzling underwater gardens of coral and excellent fishing stock. Bocas Del Toro: This archipelago, surrounded by crystal-clear waters for most of the year, has abundant marine fauna inhabiting large coral reefs, which host hundreds of species of fish and other underwater creatures. We invite you to visit Bastimentos Marine Park. Colon and Isla Grande: Here you will find beautiful beaches such as: Narrow beach, San Marino, Palenque, Playon, Cuango, Maria Chiquita and La Guaira. The waters of Colon shelter a significant portion of the marine life of this part of the Atlantic. This coastline is perfect for diving and, of course, fishing.