WHAT TO DOGamboa cable car

All aboard!

Discover the secrets of the flora and fauna with a ride in a cable car at Gamboa, 27 meters above sea level. The cable car takes you on a several kilometer-long journey through the silent jungle, where you can observe a great variety of birds interspersed amidst a thousand shades of green from different tree species.

The Aerial Tour

The aerial tour takes place within 100 hectares of lush tropical jungle licensed to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. The flora is typical of neotropical forests in Panama and includes species such as trumpet tree, manglillo, mangavé, mountain fig, wild cashew, and balsa. This impressive diversity of plants is the food source for all kinds of fauna, including the following mammals: coatimundi, peccary, howler monkey, squirrel, capybara, and sloth. Beautiful birds such as toucans, trogons, parrots, and motmots also abound.

The cable tram spans 1.2 kilometers of the forest canopy in a trip that lasts 20 minutes to reach the top of Cerro Pelado. From here you walk along a small path that leads to the observation tower and wind up to the 10th floor on a spiral ramp. The car travels no faster than 1 meter per second, allowing you to more fully take in the sights and sounds of the trip. There are 18 gondolas with a total capacity of 86 passengers, including interpretive guides. Two of these gondolas hold 3 passengers plus a guide, with space for a wheelchair, and the other fit five people plus a guide.