WHAT TO DOSnorkeling


Panama’s privileged geographical position has generated important marine and coastal areas full of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems such as mangroves, beaches and coral reefs that are incredible scenery of submarine flora and fauna on both coasts. Having a good snorkeling experience is partly about expectation. Why are you going snorkeling? People do it for many reasons, but the primary reason is a joy. Snorkeling is about the pure joy of watching, appreciating and experiencing the beauty of the underwater world. Snorkeling is less a physical sport than scuba diving and more about relaxing like meditation. Learning how to relax, allow yourself to be completely supported by the sea water, be in the moment, experience all the movement and life around you! For most people, snorkeling is therapeutic and with just a little experience being in the ocean feels very comfortable. Most of all, though, it is great fun and a wonderful way to observe nature. So go snorkeling with a positive attitude and appreciate what you get to experience, and you will have a terrific time, every time you do it!


There are large areas of underwater beauty like Coiba Island in the Pacific Ocean. You can find the most extensive coral reefs in the Central American Pacific in Coiba National Park, which makes this area a great natural aquarium. Granito de Oro in Isla Coiba is perhaps one of the most interesting places to dive at because the amount of large fish that will be swimming next to you.

San Blas

The beautiful, warm, turquoise waters of the San Blas islands are picture-perfect for snorkeling and swimming. Although the local Guna people don’t permit scuba diving, the snorkeling makes up for it with dozens of colorful fish species, exotic corals, Eagle Rays that lazily flap their way through the water, and other underwater sights. The best time to go snorkeling is from June to October because the water visibility is better and there are fewer currents. Less wind also means that there are fewer sailing boats at this time of the year and more snorkeling room for you.


Portobelo Bay, Isla Mamey, and Isla Grande, are good snorkeling points. Snorkeling in these waters may prove to be quite an adventure, as they are full of history of pirates and corsairs of the seventeenth century, and were the scene of stormy battles. Around here is where the remains of the famous pirate Sir Francis Drake were thrown into the sea in a lead coffin. The best time to snorkel are the months of April, May, November and December.

Panama City

The Contadora and Taboga Islands in Pearl Islands are the closest snorkeling spots to Panama City. These islands have all the facilities for snorkeling with or without a tank. In the Wildlife Refuge Isla Iguana, coral reefs exist in perfect easily observed shallow still an excellent place to dive and quiet conservation.