Artesanías en Ocú

In Ocú you will find diverse handicrafts, but the most prominent is the typical dress. The style of Pollera and Montuno, is unique in the country and dates from when the Spanish colonized our lands, their dresses preserve that time intact and taking care of every detail of its use. The montuno is composed of a shirt or Cotona and a brief or chingo made with dirty blanket fabric. The work he wears is done in cross stitch, the work will be appreciated in the neck, shoulder pads, chest, pineapples and at the end of the shirt that must end in fringes. As dressings of the montuno we can point out: the white hat ocueño, cutarras ocueñas, bag or cebadera, tajona, some usually carry the saber and the ballot blanket. The skirt is composed of white blouse without work or background with small flowers, with two flights or washers. This blouse is adorned with lace and Valencian braids, made of yarn, Latvian, crocheted lace, or lace. It is enjareta with wool in one or two tones, contrasting, in cross or zigzag ending in two (2) ties back and forth. Pollerón consists of a skirt of 3 scares or tucos that can be from a flowery chintz. The pollerón can be pulled or not, that is, they may or may not carry the two or three white strips at the bottom of each scare. It does not carry roosters.