The cosmopolitan and dynamic Panama City "where the modern and the colonial meet" celebrates 107 years of Tradition Carnavalera in an atmosphere of joy and fun for both nationals and visitors.

The shores of the Pacific Ocean, in front of imposing skyscrapers in the Cinta Costera, is the perfect setting to reveal the incomparable Panamanian spirit during 5 days when Panama is an explosion of traditions, beauty and majesty within a boiling pot of races.

On the night of November 15, 2018 at the ATLAPA convention center, 14 girls competed for the Crown of the Carnival of Panama, H. R. M. Valerie Falcón and her princesses, Fiannet Corro and Andrea Guevara where chosen and thus, will spread joy nationals and visitors during the 5 days of the Carnival of Panama.

The new sovereign is 21 years old and has a degree in International Business. Valerie Falcón, will have the title of Ambassador of Tourism and representation in the country in international fairs where Panama is promoted as a tourist destination.

During carnival Saturday morning will begin the "mojaderas" or "culecos" along the Cinta Costera with tank trucks that will spread water throughout the morning and part of the afternoon in an atmosphere of music with artists and DJ’s.

At the fall of the night, beautiful alegor cars take the Cinta Costera with the parades and the queens wearing carnival costumes accompanied by dances and music. Then the party continues all night with artistic presentations at the different platforms of the Carnival of Panama.