Convento de Santo Domingo, Arco Chato

It is integrated by the church, the convent and its auxiliary chapel. The church highlights the lowered semicircular arch, universally known as the Chato Arch which was the base that held the church's choir and is said to have served the Americans when they chose the route to build the Canal, which in Panama There were no great tectonic movements. Important to note that you can visit the Museum of Colonial Religious Art, the pieces that are exhibited in this museum, belong to families and churches of Panama City and some of the Spanish invoice inside the country.


Hours of operation: 7:00 am / 7:00 pm

Free entry

Approximate visit time: from 30 minutes onwards

■ We recommend visiting with fresh clothing

■ Use sunscreen

Museum Information:


Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

General Admission:

Adults: B / .0.75

Children: B / .0.25

School Groups: B /. 5.00

Telephone: 228-2887

  • Turismo Religioso e Histórico
  • Arquitectura Colonial

Le recomendamos visitar durante todo el año, especialmente durante Semana Santa.

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