Museo del Parque Arqueológico El Caño

Discover your scientific side knowing the social structure, customs and worldview of the first settlers of Coclé .

Declared in 2018 a heritage of national interest, El Caño in Natá de los Caballeros is a first-order site where the content of large pre-Columbian tombs was recovered and recorded, which included a significant amount of gold and copper objects. The museum is divided into an anteroom and a room where they present a permanent exhibition with original artifacts and replicas from the findings found in the tombs of the El Caño Site.


*Archeological site

Hours of operation: Tuesday to Saturday from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Approximate visit time: 1 hour

Entry prices:

■ Adult: Residents B /. 3.00 - Foreigners B /. 5.00

■ Students and Senior Citizens: B /. 1.00

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– Arqueología

En cualquier época del año es posible visitar este increíble lugar, todo depende de sus intereses y gustos.

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