National Park sovereignty, Panama City

It is located 25 kilometers from Panama City; this national park offers three exceptional sites: the Pipeline Road, the Plantation Road and El Charco trail.

The pipeline path, known by biologists like Pipeline Road, is wonderful for a hike at any time of the year, located at the end of the town of Gamboa. Howler monkeys, Trógones, toucans, Morpho butterflies are regulars in this place. The bridges over streams in the forest are wonderful stops for a break and take a bite on the trail. You can do the mountain bike tour.

The path of the plantation, offers a path with some inclinations, but easy hike, has a length of 6.5 kms of extension, the round trip is 13 kms. Along the trail you can find remnants of cocoa trees, rubber and coffee plants.
The El Charco trail, which is suitable for the whole family, is located just 1 km away, after the Municipal Park Summit. The site has parking lots, picnic area and a natural swimming pool to refresh the heat.


Take a bus from the Albrook transport Terminal with the C800 route. Get off at the Summit Municipal Park stop and walk 1.5 km towards the entrance to the national Park sovereignty.


From Panama City, drive for about 20 km along the road leading to Gamboa. After the Summit Municipal Park and before reaching Gamboa, you will find the entrance to the national Park sovereignty.

  • Hiking
  • Bird Watching
  • Waterfalls
  • Rivers
  • Flora Observation
  • Historical tourism
  • Cycling

We recommend visiting during the dry season (or summer) from November to April.