San San Pond Sack

San San Pond Sack is one of the most important wetlands of the Caribbean Mesoamerican coast.
Its biological diversity includes migratory birds during most of the year, and important species such as the manatee and four species of sea turtles that nest on its beaches. Its channels and coastal lagoons offer a great variety of landscapes that you have not seen in other areas of the country.

Panama – Changuinola

Changuinola – AMMVECONA/ San San Pond Sack (11.3 kilometers)

Panama City – San San Pond Sack, Bocas del Toro (617 kilometers)

  1. Observation of manatees

  2. Bird watching

  3. Observation of sea turtles

  4. Sport fishing

  5. Sun and beach

  6. Bird watching, sea turtles and manatees

  7. Ecological tours