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Cerro Tute, Santa Fe

Legend has it that this hill symbol of the rebelliousness of the people of Veracruz owes its name to a haughty and fierce chieftain of the region, lieutenant of the great warrior and chief Urraca, whose name was Tute, which in the indigenous dialect means man of the heights .

His skirts were witnesses of a revolutionary uprising, in April 1959 against the government presided over by Ernesto de la Guardia Jr. that really took place on the hill the bench.

The protagonists of this uprising was a group of young idealists affiliated with a group called MAR this fact is known as the Tute revolution.

From this point, visitors will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding part of Santa Fé, in addition to taking excellent photos and walking their trails observing its flora and fauna.


Terrain: Mountain Relief

Height: 1066m

Difficulty: - Medium-

Ascent distance: 6.9 km

Ascent slope 636.7 m

Cerro Tute was instituted as a Historic Tourist Site, by the Santa Fe Municipal Council, in 1993.

En vehículos 4×4 o caminata desde Santa Fe.

Ecoturismo, Senderismo, Rappel, trekking, hiking

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