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Chorros de Olá

One of the most representative sites in the district, with majestic crystalline waterfalls, which can be glimpsed from the Inter-American highway. To visit this jet is to live an unforgettable experience.

The jets are immense, the landscape is incredible and you can easily glimpse the different shades of green painted in the water. If you venture further, you will find a cave behind the waterfall, about 25 meters from the base, where you can appreciate the incredible landscape.


■ We recommend visiting the place with a local guide

■ Small cars have access up to 1 km. before the destination and the 4 × 4 can reach the entrance of the road.

■ Wear suitable footwear for dirt and rock terrain

■ Bring water for hydration

■ Use sunscreen

■ #YesVisitsNoEnsucies

Terminal de Transporte UTASA (507)997-6363Aeropuerto de Río Hato Scarlett Martínez (507)993-3815/3817
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  • Avistamiento de Aves
  • Chorros / Caídas de agua
  • Ríos


Preferiblemente en la temporada seca(Enero a abril)

Para Aventureros! No para turistas.