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Río Chiriquí Viejo

Chiriquí Viejo River

The Chiriquí Viejo River is located west of Panama, specifically west of the Province of Chiriquí, near the border with Costa Rica. It has a length of 161 km and a basin of 1376 km².1 The river is born near Cerro Punta, in the highlands of Chile and runs west to Plaza de Caisán, in the Renaissance district, then runs parallel to the border Tica, until approaching only about 100 meters from the border line in Paso Canoas, then advances to the southeast joining with other rivers such as Jacú and Gariché leading to the Bay of Charco Azul, at the height of Baco, about 15 km east from Puerto Armuelles.

Deportes acuáticos

Le recomendamos visitar durante la época lluvioso (temporada de invierno) desde mayo a noviembre.