Cocle is the origin of ancient stories in its immaculate painted stones, the sunrise at the Sleeping India mountain, the song of birds, the taste of fish by the shore of the beach, the radiant light of the sun reflected in its waters, the flow of rivers and beaches meeting, and the sound of its waterfalls waiting to be discovered by an adventurous soul.

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184km 2 h. 30 min.

98NM 15 min.

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Terminal de Transporte


Penonomé / Aguadule

997-8020 / 997-6363

Aeropuerto Scarlet Martinez

Dirección: Rio Hato, Farallón


Puerto de Aguadulce



24 - 28°C

1185 m.s.n.m. (Cerro El Gaital)

Travel with friends, although it can also be fascinating to go sightseeing in Panama with your family, your couple or travel alone.

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Pensar en Antón es sentir su radiante sol, estar en sus playas y vislumbrar su luna y las estrellas. En sus tierras,...

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El Valle de Antón

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Visit one of the largest inhabited volcanic craters in the world. Explore nature in its pure state, full of virgin...

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Chorros de Olá

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Uno de los sitios más representativos del distrito, con majestuosa caída de agua cristalinas, que se puede vislumbrar...

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Playa Farallón

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La Playa Farallón, forma parte de las playas de la Riviera Pacífica, donde se desarrollan múltiples actividades...

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Riviera Pacífica

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En la Riviera Pacífica justo afuera de la Ciudad de Panamá, se encuentra un grupo de hermosas playas de arena blanca...

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Cerro El Peñón

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Otro de los cerros representativos del distrito de Olá, se puede llegar a las faldas del cerro en auto y si quiere...

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Villa Tavidá, Penonomé

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Over a thousand years ago, our aboriginal ancestors performed sacred ceremonies and rituals in this space. Today as...

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Museo del Parque Arqueológico El Caño

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Discover your scientific side knowing the social structure, customs and worldview of the first settlers of Coclé...

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